Welcome Back

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“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more” – William Shakespeare, Henry V, Act III, Scene I

I started Good News Film Reviews in 2004 when the word ‘blog’ was still being defined for the general public.  The point of the site at that time was to speak to a Christian audience about film in hopes of explaining how cinema works to influence our culture.  Additionally, I wanted to prompt Christians to engage with culture in a productive way.  It turns out, Christians aren’t big on cultural engagement.

In the decade that followed, I enjoyed a growing following, made new friends, published a book (You Are What You See: Watching Films Through a Christian Lens), was syndicated to sites such as FoxNews, Reuters, USAToday and The Chicago Sun-Times and was flown to Hollywood numerous times to speak to industry professionals about storytelling, the narrative structure and the Christian audience.

At my peak, I had a pace of 3-5 reviews a week.  Translated into human numbers, that meant I had written over 1,000 film reviews – some with proper grammar and syntax.  This pace couldn’t go on forever and by 2014 I was thoroughly spent.  I stopped cold and told myself no more.

Since then, I have taken a break to write some scripts, apparently for my own amusement.  I managed to co-produce/direct a film.  It ended up being less than stellar, despite fantastic performances from my actors.  Can you see the film?  I won’t say.  What I will say is that I’d like to raise a glass and thank the Lord for the power of pseudonyms.

Since those who can’t do, teach – I’m back.  I hope to push forward and continue to show people through my reviews how films and storytelling influence not only our culture but how we see the world.

In a culture founded in images, those who create those images control our shared vision.  How you see your world, how you think of your history, your future, even how you conceive of God Himself is influenced, if not outright manipulated by, the images that surround you every day.  The truth is that movies impact your life every day, even if you never watch one.

Buddy JesusAs stated earlier, previously my sole focus was Christians.  I still speak to that audience.  However, I no longer call myself a Christian.  I do not accept that label.  I am a Christ-follower, but I have divorced myself from the broader American Christian culture.  I see it as an infiltrated and spoiled worldview that breeds isolation and weakness.  It kills me to write that.  Christ intended for us to engage this world, including culture.  We are to be strong in our faith and be in command, not to be simpering followers begging for scraps.

This site serves to teach the broader Right (cultural, political and social).  Beginning in 2017, America is at a potential transition point.  The Marxists who have controlled our culture since the 1960’s have routed, but not yet wiped out.  Something has to stand in their place.  As the culture turns away from Leftist twaddle, it is my hope the new Right, including Christians, will rise.  The time has come to acknowledge the mistakes and pains of the past, recalibrate and return our culture to a productive, not Progressive, future.

With this in mind, I will do my best to explain how the films and other cultural elements in our society are intending to lead us, either towards or away from a future of the individual liberty and pluralistic freedom we all deserve.

I plan to post a new review at least once a week.  Given I have 1,000 reviews to rewrite/repost, you should expect older films from 2004+ to show up continuously for the next year.  It is obnoxious I know, but here we are.

I hope you join me.  I hope you nudge me when you think I am wrong and, by all things that are holy, correct me when I screw up my grammar.