Hollywood Doesn’t Have a Liberal Agenda? We’re Talking About the Same Hollywood, Right?

Obey Hollywood Sign

LA Times critic Mary McNamara boldly announces that water is no longer wet all the while peeing down your left and telling you its rain.

One has to marvel at the progressive mindset.  If one set out to create a worldview founded in making every idea, every assertion swamped in cognitive dissonance, they could hardly do better.  Case in point, LA Times critic Mary McNamara bold assertion that Hollywood doesn’t have a Leftist agenda, because, while they’re Leftist, gosh darn it, they’re just not Leftist enough.  You can go ahead and ignore your eyes, ears and experience, the LA Times knows better.  To buttress her assertion, she points out that since Hollywood is run by men, rich white men, it can’t be Leftist.

Outside of the historical tidbits she sprinkles in the article, as she explains the class disparity in America, she gets nearly everything else wrong.

She spends little time actually addressing her titular assertion:

How, many wondered, could the creators and arbiters of popular culture have been so out of step with the viewers and moviegoers they serve?

The answer is they weren’t and aren’t. Because there is no notion more thoroughly absurd than that of Hollywood’s liberal agenda.

I assume she avoids discussing agendas because there is scant evidence to support her claim. Her sole reason for claiming there isn’t a Leftist agenda at play is patently idiotic.
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