May 6th (2004)

Theo Van Gogh

Before being murdered for the crime of insulting the “religion of peace”, Theo Van Gogh proved he was a growing voice defending the West.  R.I.P. 

06/05 Theo Van Gogh movie posterShould I see it?

Director: Theo van Gogh

Writers: Theo van Gogh and Tomas Ross

Starring: Thijs Römer, Tara Elders and Cahit Ölmez

Not Rated

Dutch filmmaker and journalist Theo Van Gogh (great-grandson of Theo van Gogh, the brother of Vincent van Gogh) was a vocal critic of Islam and its subjugation of women.  His criticism most notably took the form of a 10-minute short film titled Submission (the translation of “Islam”) in 2004.  The film presented nude women with Quranic texts written on their skin in henna tattoos.  Completely out of character with his belief system and its history, a Muslim overreacted.

On November 2nd, 2004 amateur film critic, Mohammed Bouyeri, a practitioner of the modern and intellectually rigorous “religion of peace”, shot director Theo Van Gogh eight times.  Bouyeri proceeded to nearly decapitate Van Gogh and then embedded two knives in the dead man’s chest.

Van Gogh’s last film, 06/05 fictionalizes the assassination of Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn and places it within the context of a murder mystery. Fortuyn was a former communist politician who took a stridently anti-Mulsim immigration stance.  For his opinions, Fortuyn was assassinated by environmental radical Volkert van der Graaf, who took exception to Fortuyn’s views that the “religion of peace” may not be as peaceful as everybody wants.

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