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Call for submissions:

We are currently looking for submissions in the following topic areas:

Movie Reviews: Post-1960's American classics
Movie Reviews: Horror Movies
Movie Reviews: African-American cinema
Movie Reviews: European cinema

Commentary - Great Christmas movies
Commentary - Christian worldview on film
Commentary - Social marketing in film
Commentary - The impact of European philosophy on American film

We are also taking submissions in other areas, so if you have something - share it!

If you would like to share your movie review or commentary 
with the Good News Film Reviews readers, please read this first.

We welcome new writers and enjoy sharing them with our readers. We do have some criteria for the writers we post on this site:

This is a Christian site, therefore we ask that our writers be Christian (we're silly that way).  We are not restricted to a single denomination and welcome all Christian voices.  

      What is a Christian?  Easy - If you say "yes" to the following points, you're in: 

      • I believe God is a trinity, three persons but one essence.
      • I believe the Bible is the infallible, Holy Spirit-inspired Word of God.
      • I believe Adam's sin brought death into this world, and my sin separates me from God.
      • I believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, and through His blood atonement He bore the penalty for my sin.
      • I believe my sin can only be forgiven through my acceptance of the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ on the cross and my belief that three days after His death, God raised Him to life again.
      • I believe my faith in Christ Jesus is not something I can compartmentalize but is vital, energizing, and impacts my life on a daily basis.
      Your chances of being published on this site dramatically increase if you also concur with the following:

      • Just because I like something doesn't automatically mean it is good or worth recommending.
      • Sex and violence have a place in the Arts provided they are handled with respect and have a clear (and worthy) context.
      • Film is an important mode of communication and is often used as a means of social marketing.  It is never "just a movie"
      • Han shot first.

        Finally, please understand that not all submissions are accepted.  There are many reasons for a refusal to publish.  It could be due to poor writing, but it can also be because the submission doesn't meet our current needs.  If you submit a work and it is refused, it does not mean we don't want you to submit again.  Keep trying.  We welcome your submissions.

        To submit a review or commentary, please send a plain text e-mail to: carnival of cinema at g mail dot com.  Please type the word "submission - review - movie title" or "submission - commentary" in the subject line.

        Your submission will be attended to in a timely manner, but due to schedules, it can take a week before you may get a response - please be patient.

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