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Welcome to Good News Film Reviews.

This site launched on June 26, 2007 as a means for film critic to reach out to his fellow Christians and provide them direction on which films were worthy of their time.  Nehring had been writing movie reviews on his personal blog Nehring the Edge since 2004.  While he found some success and readership during those years, Nehring also experienced dwindling interest in his writing.  At the same time, he began to notice that "Christian culture" was on the rise.  Passion of the Christ had already made its impact on the industry and "Christian film" was starting to take off.  To Nehring's horror, Christian film was finally becoming more mainstreamed while at the same time becoming less artistic. In other words, there was more Christians making worse films.

Not good.

Taking on the manta "We do not glorify God by making crappy movies", Nehring turned his sharp, frank reviews towards the Christian community.  He launched Good News Film Reviews to help Christians see the beauty of all cinema and to help them shape their tastes so they can help mold a strong, relevant film movement from our worldview.

On September 20th, 2010, Good News Film Reviews took a dramatic step forward and reopened with a brand new look and a cast of contributors.  We are a multi-denominational effort, directed towards Christ and reviving a biblical cultural worldview.

Let's meet the folks who make this site tick: 

Christine Hunt

Christine is a Freelance Commercial and Creative Writer. She operates Right Line Editing & Design and its subsidiary, Right Line Publishing. She’s loved a good story since she was old enough to carry a book to her Mommy, Daddy, or other big person who would read it to her. Her favorite stories are found within the best-seller collection of 66 books written over 2700 years by over 30 authors.

Her favorite story themes are forgiveness, hope, justice, and reconciliation. The themes of justice and hope are central to her current project: writing a true crime story, topic: murder and attorney malpractice involving three of the ten largest law firms in Minnesota.

When she’s not writing, she loves to travel with her husband and play with her grandsons. Christine currently resides east of the Twin Cities with her husband, her mom and dad, and her son recently returned from the Marine Corps with service in Iraq-—no pets, though; she’s got all she can handle. 

You can  also find Christine's writing on her site http://reasonablehope.wordpress.com

Jeff Burton

Jeff studied history in college, but programs computers for a living. He lives in western Wisconsin with his wife and five boys.

He has forgotten more about the Stellar Sea Cow than most mortals will ever know. His one great wish before he dies is to see a full-length feature film treatment of these lovable animals and their tragic story. 

Julie Davis

Julie blogs at Happy Catholic, where she is not always happy but is always happy to be Catholic.

She loves good stories and never more than when they are told in the movies. She also enjoys arguing with Scott Nehring about why he is wrong. 

Lindsey Dunn

Lindsey has been a Volunteer, a Hoosier, and am now a Tar Heel. Here all of her selves collide. She is a librarian, a poet, a film critic, a dancer, a lover, a woman, and above all, a follower of Christ. 

Her reviews can also be found on http://www.associatedcontent.com/user/796392/lindsey_dunn.html

Wayne Johnson

Inspired by Sir Joshua Reynolds, Howard Pyle and Alfred Hitchcock, Wayne Johnson is an Independent Producer, Director and Writer of 5 short and 2 feature films. His goal is: To show the audience a new Truth or help remind them of an old one. Not a relative truth but an Absolute one. Wayne is also the Program Chair for Globe University/Minnesota School of Business’s Digital Video & Media Production Program and has been with GU/MSB for the last 11 Years. Wayne, is a Digital Painter, Graphic Designer and currently holds 5 college degrees. When not working on his next project he likes to play strategy war games and spend time with his family.

Check out Wayne's site at: http://newdiscoursesonart.blogspot.com

Scott Nehring

Scott Nehring is the owner and editor of Good News Film Reviews and has been a film critic since 2004.

Scott's reviews have been published on a number of websites from the United States, Australia and India and have appeared on the websites for Reuters, USA Today, FoxNews, Chicago Sun-Times and a variety of local news stations across America. Scott also contributes at ChristianCinema.com and Catholic Media Review, where he is the pet Protestant.

In 2010, Scott released his first book You Are What You See: Watching Movies Through a Christian Lens (available here).

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