Hollywood Doesn’t Have a Liberal Agenda? We’re Talking About the Same Hollywood, Right?

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LA Times critic Mary McNamara boldly announces that water is no longer wet all the while peeing down your leg and telling you it’s rain.

One has to marvel at the progressive mindset.  If one set out to create a worldview founded in making every idea, every assertion swamped in cognitive dissonance, they could hardly do better.  Case in point, LA Times critic Mary McNamara bold assertion that Hollywood doesn’t have a Leftist agenda, because, while they’re Leftist, gosh darn it, they’re just not Leftist enough.  You can go ahead and ignore your eyes, ears and experience, the LA Times knows better.  To buttress her assertion, she points out that since Hollywood is run by men, rich white men, it can’t be Leftist.

Outside of the historical tidbits she sprinkles in the article, as she explains the class disparity in America, she gets nearly everything else wrong.

She spends little time actually addressing her titular assertion:

How, many wondered, could the creators and arbiters of popular culture have been so out of step with the viewers and moviegoers they serve?

The answer is they weren’t and aren’t. Because there is no notion more thoroughly absurd than that of Hollywood’s liberal agenda.

I assume she avoids discussing agendas because there is scant evidence to support her claim. Her sole reason for claiming there isn’t a Leftist agenda at play is patently idiotic.

Although many members of the entertainment industry espouse, often publicly, a left-leaning political slant, Hollywood is still dominated by white men who prefer to make movies and television shows that revolve around other white men

You see, white men are involved, so there can’t be a Leftist genda…because…uh…because…PATRIARCHY!

Except, that’s not what reality has to say on the matter. If we look at the “Big Six” Studios, the heavy hitters responsible for a bulk of the product coming out of Hollywood, we have the following leadership:

Kevin Tsujihara (Chairman/CEO – Warner Bros.)
Donna Langley – (Chairman – Universal)
Brad Grey (Chairman/CEO – Paramount)
Thomas Rothman (Chairman – Sony Pictures)
Jim Gianopulos (Chairman – Fox Filmed Entertainment)
Alan F. Horn (Chairman – Walt Disney Entertainment)

One guy is of Japanese heritage, a Jewish woman, three Jewish men and a Greek. Here we have a pool of power people made of almost all non-whites. Obviously, I’m not saying there isn’t preponderance of white guys in the industry, the bastards are all over the place.  However, how many are in positions of actual decision-making power, and how many of that group “prefer to make movies and television shows that revolve around other white men“?   I don’t think it is out of line to point out that most of the professionals working in the executive end of the entertainment industry are likely not pro-white male bigots.  If this group has anything in common, it would be their political beliefs – Progressive beliefs.

The notion that Hollywood isn’t fueled by a Leftist agenda is the absurd charge. Heck, Alan Horn, who has been chairman of Walt Disney Studios (you know, the folks who own Star Wars, Pixar and Marvel Studios ) since 2012, co-founded the Environmental Media Association (EMA) with his wife. The EMA is dedicated to inserting pro-environmentalist (read Progressive) ideology into media such as film, television and video games. They spell it out in one sentence from their “About Us” page (http://www.green4ema.org/about-us/):

EMA mobilizes the entertainment industry in educating people about environmental issues, which in turn, inspires them to take action.

Need more?

We regularly network with writers, directors and producers, helping shape plotlines that seamlessly incorporate environmental messages. The work that we have done for over 20 years has helped inspire millions of people to reduce air pollution, ensure clean water for drinking and recreation, protect endangered species, preserve open spaces, minimize waste, promote a safe food supply (go organic!) and live more environmentally sustainable lives.

You can agree with their mission, but you can’t call it anything but Leftist in origin and you can’t call it anything but open-faced propaganda.

McNamara then moves on to say that Duck Dynasty is an example of a television series that connects with the lives of Trump supporters. She does this with the intent of pointing out GASP!, the Duck Dynasty guys were part of the “one-percent” before the show first aired. She then uses this to springboard into an empty explanation of class and America. She, of course, misses the point that class isn’t just the money you have in your bank account. There is a critical cultural component. Let’s put this into film language: in the comedy, Caddyshack, both Judge Smails (Ted Knight) and Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) were a part of the “one percent”. The difference between them was culture. Al could exist with the rabble and didn’t see himself as above them. Smails saw them as tools to use for his personal needs. The real world isn’t terribly different. Wealthy people like the Duck Dynasty folks or even Donald Trump are not culturally one-percenters. That is why they speak so clearly to Middle-America. Heck, Trump conducts himself and adorns his living spaces like a blue-collar who just won the lottery. The peons see this, they understand it. Protected elites such as McNamara and the Hollywood executives and stars she defends do not.


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  1. Love the Two Minutes Hate comments. Your thoughts on Hollywood are right on. I love the term the “flyover” people. Thanks for sharing this website.

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