Newsflash: Hollywood is Disconnected From Reality

The title of the article says it all:

Now and then a right-wing critic will come out of the woodwork to fantasize about some imaginary silent majority of viewers hungry for inspiring, all-ages popular entertainment. But if there was some vast, under-served market for bible stories, then, obviously, Hollywood would be producing them. 
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Seriously?   I honestly can't tell if writer Daniel Wattenberg is being snarky or stupid.

It's not as if the big budget (respectful) Christian film thing doesn't work dang near every time it is tried.

The Greatest Story Ever Told is called that for a reason.  It was around long before Hollywood and it will be around long after Hollywood is gone.

On a separate note, I want to hereby announce that I am no longer taking complaints on my rather loose relationship with proper grammar.  Wattenberg, writing in The Washington Times gets away with this:

Pervaded as Hollywood is by near-Randians, it will, naturally, surprise some that it ultimately fell to an outsider — fellow by the name of John Aglialoro, a fitness equipment executive without a prior film credit to his name — to bring Ayn Rand’s own defining work “Atlas Shrugged” to the screen independently, after his efforts to secure backing for the project within Hollywood fell short after 20 years, a span which perhaps gives some idea of the sheer numbers of interested prospective collaborators a patient Mr. Aglialoro must have had to work his way through — Hollywood Randians, perhaps, who felt called by Rand’s powerful source material but couldn’t quite commit in the end to throwing themselves into the great work of producing the first screen adaptation of her enduringly popular literary monument to the spirit of free enterprise.
That is one sentence.  It may be grammatically correct for all I know (and I don't). If this is acceptable for a major publication then the hack and slack grammar I use is hereby fine.

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