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Quarantine (2008)

Should I see it?
No. Go watch [Rec].

This is a needless remake of the Spanish film [REC]. If its not a shot-for-shot remake, it is very close.

Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter) is a pretty, late-night show hostess. She is spending the night shooting her show in a firehouse. The firemen are called out and Angela and her cameraman Scott tag along.

They are called to an apartment building where a deranged woman is causing problems. Before long, it is learned that the building is a death trap. A rabies-like disease is going around turning people into violent zombies. The building is quickly quarantined and we watch through Scott's camera as things go from worrisome to disastrous.

This is not a half-bad zombie film. It is a retread however. The original [REC] has more spark and seems to have more depth. [REC] is a Spanish-language film however and if you're not a fan of subtitles, this is a reasonable alternative. The subtitles are worth it however.

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[REC] (2007)

Should I see it?

Ángela Vidal (Manuela Velasco), a fresh-faced, young, reporter and her cameraman Pablo are shooting a video piece for a late-night show. She is spending time in a firehouse, interviewing the firemen and generally getting in the way. Ángela and Pablo tag along when the firemen are called out. They all enter an apartment building, responding to the reports of a disturbance.

What turns out to be a run-of-the-mill call turns into a nightmare when it becomes apparent that the residents of the apartment building are being infected by a mysterious disease which turns them into...let's all say it together - ZOMBIES. Authorities quarantine the building with Ángela, Pablo and the firemen inside.

The entire film is shot through Pablo's camera. This over-used gimmick actually works in this instance. First, because its logical. Second, directors Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza make use of the limited viewpoint of the camera to their benefit. Pablo can only catch so much so as things begin to hit the fan, his frenzied shots allow for some good surprises. It also lends a sense of reality to the proceedings which is notably effective.

Balagueró and Plaza set up the one camera gimmick by spending time with Ángela in the firehouse before the call. She is shown not just doing her on-the-spot interviews but also in her more natural moment between takes. By the time the call comes, the audience has become familiar with the use of the camera, and with Pablo as a character even though he is rarely seen.

The duo directors also effectively build their story. Things begin with some confusion which slowly turns to concern. The horror, the loss of hope, is saved for the end. This is a slow boil, but when it begins to cook it is fantastic.

The downside is the insertion of an anti-Christian message at the end of the film. It is a little like enjoying a nice dance with someone only to have the slap you as you're walking off the dance floor. To be fair, I think most people won't fully digest the message being presented. It is shoehorned in at a moment of high tension. It is there however.

Overall, this is a fun, inventive film worth a look if you don't mind a little gore and lots of subtitles.

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Movie Quote: The Maltese Falcon

This is the second time you've put your hands on me!

Cairo's eyes bulge slightly as Spade tightens the throttling pressure on his throat.



Yes -- and when you're slapped, you'll take it and like it!

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Død snø "Dead Snow" (2009)

Should I see it?
I can't recommend it, no. That said...

Short Review: Hands down, without a doubt, the BEST movie ever about a gang of Norwegian medical students discovering a band of undead Nazis in the snowy mountains outside of Øksfjord.

It should be obvious that I don't recommend the movie. Look at the top of your browser, read the description of my site and then look at the DVD cover. Yeah, this ain't one I'm giving to mother at Christmas.

With that out of the way...

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I was very surprised by this movie. It is rare for me to be wrong with my estimations when I write about trailers.

In this case, I was wrong.

Yes, I understand that I am talking about a movie about a bunch of goofballs who awaken Nazi zombies on a ski trip. The fact is that even though this is a stupid, frivolous gore-fest, there is much to find impressive.

Co-writer/DirectorDead Snow Tommy Wirkola doesn't have much to work with. His premise is silly and his resources don't appear to be plentiful. He pulls some notable moments out of what should be a terrible, horrible, miserable movie. Wirkola actually has some creepy shots intermixed throughout the film as well. This is remarkable when you remember we're talking about NAZI ZOMBIES. It's like being successful with a movie about zombie clowns.

Wirkola doesn't succeed on his own. His cast is quite strong, again considering the kind of movie we're talking about. There isn't a weak link, but of the whole crew, Charlotte Frogner was the stand out for me. In a simple horror movie such as this, projecting terror is key. She has easy screen presence and was very effective in her role.

Sheesh, I feel like such a dork praising some one's performance as zombie fodder, but there it is.

This is a gory film. Wirkola delivers plenty of blood and guts and in some instances he does so with some cleverness. It is safe to say that if you're squeamish, this isn't for you. Then again, you're probably not in danger of watching this in the first place.

I am a hopeless fan of zombie movies. Yes, I am a Christian but I can't help myself. This makes me pathetic, but it also makes me a connoisseur. This is well above average for the genre and is one of the better zombie flicks I've seen in a few years. It's on the same level as Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead but is far below 28 Days Later. Either way, it's a severed head and tails above the miserable nonsense George Romero has been depositing for the past few years.

To sum up, don't bother, this is a terrible zombie film with no redeeming values. As far as terrible zombie movies with no redeeming values go, this is one of the better ones in a long time. It certainly has me keeping my eye out for Wirkola's next film. A little more budget and a little less cheese and he might have something.

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Friday Rewind: 10,000 B.C. (2008)

***Originally posted on July 11, 2008***

Should I see it?

It's Apocalypto with more hair and snow.

This is completely unwatchable. The dialog alone is so stilted and unemotional that the film screeches to a halt every time someone utters a word. Combined with a predictable and lazy plot, this movie begs to be walked out on. It dares you to loathe it.

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Movie Quote: Gigantic

This effectively combines three of my great fears: the dark, heights, and public nudity.

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Movie Poster: The Blob

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The Quiet Man (1952)

Reviewer: Scott Nehring

The Quiet Man PosterShould I see it?
100% yes.

Short Review: If there is any such thing as a chick flick for guys, this is it.

Directed by: John Ford
Written by: Frank S. Nugent
Starring: John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara and Barry Fitzgerald

Rated "Approved" - there's nothing offensive other than some very mild violence and drinking.

Rent or Buy This Movie HereRent The Quiet Man

If this film doesn’t make you smile and set your mind to fond dreams you’re beyond help. This movie is beautiful on many levels and satisfying on each one. From the lush scenery of Ireland, to the well-crafted script, to the well-crafted Maureen O’Hara, this is a movie for every man’s softer side.

John Wayne portrays Sean Thornton, an American boxer who returns to Ireland to find peace and a new life. What he finds is spitfire Mary Kate Danaher (O’ Hara) and her brutish brother 'Red' Will Danaher (Victor McLaglen). Sean and Mary Kate build a relationship, albeit a contentious one. This central relationship is the true selling point of the film. Wayne and O'Hara have a real chemistry that I believe produces one of the strongest on-screen pairings ever.

Wayne’s usual stoic and slightly belligerent posture is toned down as he shows that his iconic presence is not some Hollywood creation, but a result of his natural charisma. If you know someone who dismisses Wayne as a hack, show them this film. John Wayne nails his role and gives O’Hara enough space to flower in hers. O’Hara’s performance is very seductive and organic. She almost steals the show. Think about it, she manages to upstage John Wayne in a John Ford film. This is no small task.

The cinematography by Winton Hoch (Joan of Arc, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon) is breathtaking and worth the price of the rental. The richness of the images on screen are rarely seen in film, either back then or today. This film proves without equivocation that the effects of nature’s beauty are more special than any effects George Lucas or Spielberg can muster. Ireland is a stunning place and this movie may be its best travel brochure.

The film as a whole has a dream like quality. The world presented in the film is like Eden lined with pubs. I can’t think of a finer place to visit.

Scott Nehring Christian Movie Reviews

Scott Nehring Christian Movie Reviews

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse for the Racked Girls

Remember back in the good ol' old days when they just stuck to inserting naked girls in their work?

The family-friendly studio has been busted, so to speak, demanding that actresses and models trying out for the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie be roughly in the condition that God made them. According to the New York Post:

The movie studio has banned actresses with artificial enhancements for the fourth installment, "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," directed by Rob Marshall and starring Johnny Depp as the drunken buccaneer Jack Sparrow.

The filmmakers sent out a casting call last week seeking "beautiful female fit models. Must be 5ft7in-5ft8in, size 4 or 6, no bigger or smaller. Age 18-25. Must have a lean dancer body. Must have real breasts. Do not submit if you have implants."

And they warn that there'll be a "show and tell" day.

Why not just cast Christina Hendricks and be done with it?

I seem to recall there was something about Johnny Depp's club The Viper Room having a similar "dress code" for some occasion. Girls being asked to lay on the floor in front of a group of people to prove themselves and whatnot.

This kind of thing isn't out of the ordinary. The physical requirements aren't out of line. They need a certain type, it's okay to ask for it. You lose me with the "show-and-tell" day. Yes, there can be a thin line between being an actress and being a plain ol' whore.

Remember, when these folks run their soup-coolers about how we should be tolerant and non-judgmental, it's because they don't have to worry about practicing what they preach. Having the women jog in front of producers? I checked and no, Robert Evans isn't producing this thing.

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Movie Quote: Spartan

Nice knife.


Yeah. Got it off an East German fella.


He give it to ya for a gift?


No. As I recall, he was... rather reluctant to part with it.

Movie Poster: Goldfinger

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Movie Trailer: Frygtelig lykkelig "Terribly Happy"

A Danish film that proudly displays a critic blurb that says "the film gets seriously weird as it goes along but without losing...its taste for offbeat humor". Perhaps I am a little cynical but I will take this as a very bad sign.


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Screenwriters: Henrik Ruben Genz and Dunja Gry Jensen
Director: Henrik Ruben Genz
Actors: Jakob Cedergren, Lene Maria Christensen and Kim Bodnia

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Non-Film Related Post of the Day: Health Care

Look at it this way, this will make it easier to outlaw ALL abortions down the road. If the government can control things one way, it can do it the other.

It is a little hard to make that whole "Get your laws off my body" argument once you happily hand your body over to the state.

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