Trading Places (1983)

Should I see it?

Combined with 48 Hours, this film shot Eddie Murphy from television and into the movies. He peaked early. Dan Aykroyd, in one of only a handful of movies he’s made that is even partially watchable, also stars in this comedy about a effete, rich snob who forced to live as a pauper as part of a social experiment by two elderly rich men. The snob, Louis, joins forces with bum/con man Billy Ray Valentine (Murphy) and Ophelia, a hooker with a heart of gold (Jamie Lee Curtis in a role that moved her from horror flicks to comedies). The trio works to get revenge on the manipulative old men. There are some genuine moments of comedy, but it is all a bit too forced. That and the big joke at the end involves bestial rape. As a rule any references to sexual contact with animals automatically means a down vote from me.

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