Killer’s Kiss (1955)

Should I see it?
Film geeks? Yes.
Real people? No.

Stanley Kubrick’s first released film is not a great piece of cinema but it is a notable debut. The film stars Vincent Rapallo as a failed prize fighter who gets wrapped up in the messy life of a private dancer (Irene Kane). The young Kubrick reveals his potential but fails to keep his film from being dragged down by his own clunky screenplay. Kubrick’s unique, dry style has been formulated yet and this feels like a film made by someone mimicking the master. For film geeks this is a must-see since it shows the opening effort of one of the great filmmakers. For the average audience member, I don’t imagine this will hold much interest. The pacing is a little plodding and despite some memorable sequences, the film as a whole doesn’t rise to the level of being worth hunting down.

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