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Welcome to the Carnival of Cinema, a weekly display of the best cinema-related posts submitted from around the globe. This week we have another great batch of posts, mostly film reviews.

Starting us out we have a pair of reviews covering Oliver Stone's latest W.

First in line is SIZZLING POPCORN's Jean Brunet who says "The opening scene of the film made the audience and myself laugh as the acting of the look-a-likes are reminiscent of the political skits from Saturday Night Live..." For more click over to his site.

MANNY THE MOVIE GUY has also seen the movie and carries a review this week.

Since we're starting out with kicking the current administration around, let's move on to a policy statement, brought to you by our friends in the entertainment industry.

Instead of reviewing W., M. talks about In the Valley of Elah. Does In the Valley of Elah hit it out of the park? Get to know all about it by clicking over to MS. SMARTY PANTS KNOW IT ALL.

Just like M, Darrell avoids W. and instead sticks with reviewing M. Over at THE SOUTHERN CONSERVATIVE, Darrell has a review of Fritz Lang's classic.

We've looked at a movie that talks about political policy goes wrong and another about Germans. Hmmm...Germans and bad political policy...were has that come up before..?

The latest Holocaust film The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas gets reviewed by Joseph Ewens on his site JOYOUS FILM REVIEWS. It's a film about the son of a commandant at a concentration camp who befriends one of the Jewish prisoners.

Not sure I can make a comfortable transition here so we'll just plow ahead and let you come up with your own conclusions...

Mel Gibson made a movie. Apocalypto tells the tale of young Jaguar Paw who does his best to avoid the brutal machinations of the Mayan Empire. Want to know more? Ruth Mitchell has the low down over at BUY OUTSIDE THE BOX.

We're getting a little heavy here so let's shake things up with the quote of the week.

"...the interchange of bodily fluids is the culmination of a process at whose heart is emotional infidelity."


Got to know how that fits into a review of the classic Brief Encounter? Gracchi has the post over at WESTMINSTER WISDOM. While you're there you can also catch a review of the Depression Era film Workers and Jobs.

And now for some movies from the Second Depression Era.

Twilight is coming out next month. Wanna see the trailer? Then head over to WIFELY STEPS, Toni has it posted for you.

Quantum of Solace is coming out next month. Wanna see the trailer? Then head over to CRITICKER MOVIE BLOG, Vincente has it posted for you.

RocknRolla is coming out at the end of the month. Wanna read some thoughts on it? Then head over to SEAN KELLY ON THE MOVIES where Sean Kelly speaks about the movie.

Taking things way off in the oddball land is Mike Emmons with his post titled "Kermit the Frog is a Murderer". Jim Henson's company is apparently considering making a violent, adult version of the Muppets. Yep. Head over to SHARK VS. ROBOT for the story.

Hey, do you like movies about holes? Sure, who doesn't? Good news, the latest hole-related movie is currently in production and it's going to be in 3-D. So, it will revolve around a hole where we're going to get a real sense of depth. To find out what the heck I'm talking about check out Jim Dorey's piece about Joe Dante's piece about a hole at Jim's site MARKETSAW: 3-D MOVIES AND TECHNOLOGY.

When a film review begins with "All right, where do I start with this movie? I thought that most of it didn’t make any sense at all" you know it's not going to end pretty. But yet, Miss Positive apparently lives up to her name. To read her review of August Rush click on the link to visit her site OUR CHOCOLATES.

Our Chocolates? Heck no. There's no "our" chocolates. When it comes to chocolate. It's MY chocolates and you're watching me eat MY chocolates. There's no "our" here. Our Chocolates - yeah, in your dreams.

Next, under the heading "glad you saw it cuz I sure as heck ain't gonna do it" we have a post about the 1983 adaptation of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance from Margaret of THE EARTHLY PARADISE.

One person's slice of hell is the other guy's slice of heaven I guess.

Speaking of slices of hell, did you see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? If you think the title is stupid, wait until you get a load of the first act!

If you want to read a bit more about the movie and/or want to read a bit more about its star Harrison Ford, Tamika M. Murray has the post for you. Hurry over to PJS AND A MOVIE for her brief thoughts on the aged action star.

"I really enjoyed the movie and feel like paisa vasool". Really, that's all you need to know, but if I'm off and you do need to know more, read Switch2Life's review of Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na over at MOVIE REVIEWS.

Under the heading "glad you saw it cuz I'm running low on No-Doze" Keira has a review of the adapatation of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park. For more, hop over to her site LOVE ROMANCE PASSION.

Steering away from love, romance and/or passion and move on to "violence, sex and little substance." Check out what else Missy has to say about the movie Pathology on her site OBSERVATIONS FROM MISSY'S WINDOW.

If you like movie reviews you're going love Trench. Trench offers up a cornucopia of reviews over at 7MILESDOWN. Click on the links to check out opinions on Walker Payne (starring Sam Shepard), Eagle Eye (not starring Sam Shepard), Deception (which also doesn't star Sam Shepard) and 88 Minutes (which stars Al Pacino's hair).

Finally, we have non-movie review posts. Mac of ACTORLICIOUS posts an interview with actor Jeremy Piven.

Last but not least, Nicola Marzano has a clip for Johnny Cool (starring Henry Silva...and Sammy Davis Jr. as Educated) and also offers you a catalog of podcasts from BEYOND THE EXPOSITION.

...and CUT and PRINT.

Thanks to everyone for their submissions and welcome to all of the new faces this week.

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