Carnival of Cinema: Episode 94 - The Blog Ultimatum

Welcome to the Carnival of Cinema, a weekly round-up of the best film-related posts submitted from around the world.

Brad PittGetting things started, we have a pair of reviews of the Coen Brothers' latest effort Burn After Reading?

Are you gonna want to burn after watching? Read Sean Kelly's thoughts on the movie at SEAN KELLY ON MOVIES.

BloggingFun who runs a site called MOVIES, WORK & RANDOM THOUGHTS has some specific, direct thoughts on the movie. She also has a review covering Hamlet 2.

Next up MANNY THE MOVIE GUY has interviews with the cast and crew of Choke, Nights in Rodanthe, and Eagle Eye. Manny offers "From Richard Gere to Shia LaBeouf, learn the secrets of their respective films!"

Well, let's steal some of Manny's thunder and reveal some secrets from these productions:

1. Richard Gere pushed hard to have himself cast in both main roles so he could make-out with himself.
2. Eagle Eye wasn't the original title of the movie but was changed because the working title Pathetic Star Vehicle That Will be in Theaters for Seven Days Because it's Illogical and Looks Stupid was felt to be a hard sell by marketing.
3. Choke was originally pitched to be shown in "feel-o-rama".

Samuel L JacksonContinuing with the new releases, Samuel L. Jackson has deposited another glorious hunk of cinema this week and we have the reviews.

Over at FRAME BY FRAME, Dr. Rus Jeffreys looks at Jackson's effort Lakeview Terrace. The good doctor also takes on the right-wing flick An American Carol.

Our second and final review of Lakeview Terrace this week comes from General Disdain from THE CRITICAL CRITICS. From the sounds of things it appears the title isn't the only stupid thing about this movie.

If you're into reviews we have more coming your way.

SLY PARADOX's Kate provides her opinion on Mrs. Pettegrew Lives For a Day.

Next, Richard Cummings holding a new hope for re-connecting with his childhood took his niece and nephew to see Star Wars: The Clone Wars. His first thought: You have got to be kidding me! To learn what his second thought was go over to his site LIVE YOUR WAY.

Tressa Sanders has seen Bin Jip "3 Iron" and she let's you know all about it on her site THREE WEST CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT BLOG.

Looking at something that hasn't been released yet, Missy from OBSERVATIONS FROM MISSY'S WINDOW wants you to watch the trailer for The International.

Sam Smith says "History has reassessed the classic film Blade Runner. Roger Ebert added it to his list of greatest films after seeing the Final Cut, and our friends at Wikipedia catalog the rest. All of which brings me back around to a favorite topic of mine: art whose greatness was not realized in its time..." Want to know more? Click over to his site SCHOLARS AND ROGUES.

Someone whose lousiness is being realized in his time is Dane Cook. Why does this guy keep getting roles? Jimmy the ENTERTAINMENT BUFF takes a shot at an answer.

Bringing things to an end this week is Jon of YOU'RE NOT WORTHY who has a list of the top ten movies you're not worthy enough to see. Which begs the question, if I'm not worthy to see the movies then am I worthy enough to see an actual list of the movies I'm not worthy of seeing in the first place?

…and CUT!…and PRINT!

Thanks to everyone for their submissions.

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