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Welcome to this week's edition of the Carnival of Cinema, a weekly round-up of the best cinema-related posts submitted from around the globe.

This week we kick things off with some movie watching technology.

Andy Boyd is first up. Over at his site CLEARLY AV he discusses the thin HDTV's we can expect to see coming to the market in the future. Head over to see some prototypes from some top manufacturers.

The second techie we have this week is Kevin Fleming. Kevin checks out the Dish Network Turbo service packages on his site SATELLITE TV GURU.

Let's move from those talking about what you can use to watch movies to those who have already watched movies.

Gracchi from WESTMINSTER WISDOM gets the reviews started this week with a look at Hard Candy, a movie that looks at pedophilia. Click over to see what Gracchi has to say about this film from a few years back starring Ellen Page (Juno) and Patrick Wilson (Watchmen).

Kicking off the reviews with pedophilia, nothing like beginning with a happy note.

Keeping the depression train running down the tracks to a town called Misery is Missy from OBSERVATIONS FROM MISSY'S WINDOW who asks "Will Heath Ledger’s final film become an overlooked side note to his career?"

Death and child abuse, alright, I'm getting depressed. Let's lighten things up with a stupid chick flick.

Made of Honor is one such chick flick and Michael of REVIEW HOOKUP offers up his opinion on the subject.

Specifically not talking about Made of Honor, Sarah believes she may have found THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME. Head over to SARAHSPY to find out what she's found.

Speaking of the greatest movie of all time, Death Race has been released. To find out more about this dazzling spectacle of stupid click over and see what MANNY THE MOVIE GUY has in store this week. He has an interview with the director Paul W. S. Anderson.

Next in the criminal line up is Felon, a prison drama starring Stephen Dorff and Val Kilmer. Click here to read Trench's review on his site 7 MILES DOWN.


Keeping with the reviews, we turn now to Hector Calles from ILLUSTRATED MOVIE REVIEW BLOG. This week Hector takes on the Eddie Murphy "comedy" Meet Dave.

Eddie Murphy is still making movies? What does a guy gotta do to get kicked out of the industry...when again Dan Ackroyd is still lurking in the cinematic shadows.

Hey, speaking of crappy cinema, 21 is finally out on DVD and DJ Kaufman has finally viewed the flick. Haven't seen it yet and need to know if its a lousy as you've heard? Dash over to THE EIGHTH ART to read the review.

Over at PHILAAHZOPHY, Aahz takes on the 90's crime flick 2 Days in the Valley. Remember that one? No? Well, click over and see if the trailer sparks your memory.

Let's leave the Pulp Fiction derivative behind and let's get all fancy.

Margaret of THE EARTHLY PARADISE says of Bridehead Revisited:

"The slow revelation of a deep and powerful faith in the original 1981 miniseries version of Brideshead Revisited helped to make it an instant classic. Sadly, filmmakers have chosen to make religion the bogeyman in this new rendition of the classic tale."

I'll have to take her word for it, I keep falling asleep when I try to watch it.

Darrell at THE SOUTHERN CONSERVATIVE also tackles a film that is obviously deeply influenced by Evelyn Waugh's classic novel.

Okay, maybe not.

Samir brings the reviews to a close this week with a "fairly typical romantic Hindi (Bollywood) movie, but one with a healthy dose of class." One that "is entertaining, and it leaves you with a smile on your face." Which movie is it? Why it's Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na - say that ten times fast. For more on this directorial debut of screenwriter Abbas Tyrewala click over to SAMIR'S CREATIVE IDEAS BLOG - he has a wonderful post about the film.

The final post this week comes from BRITANNICA BLOG. Gregory McNamee has an interesting blog post reflecting on the career of Jimmy Stewart on what would have been his 100th birthday.

…and CUT!…and PRINT!

Thanks to everyone for their submissions.

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