The Carnival of Cinema: Episode 87 - BVP: Bloggers Vs. Predator

Welcome to the Carnival of Cinema, a weekly roundup of the best film-related posts, submitted from around the globe.

This week we start the show with Steve from KWANZOO interviewing screenwriter and web-comic creator Michael Le. Its a brief but interesting interview, well worth checking out.

Tropic Thunder is getting a lot of coverage this week as it heads into theaters. Ben Stiller's latest cinematic deposit is all the buzz. Its best to get your interest in the film satisfied early. All of the excitement will be gone once people sit down, watch the movie, and realize...oh that's right, it's a movie where Ben Stiller has creative control - it isn't funny.

For a lighter view of Stiller's flick, go read Manny the Movie Guys's review of the film over at his site MANNY THE MOVIE GUY.

Need more opinion on what Stiller and crew are up to?

You can also head over to Sean Kelly's site, SEAN KELLY ON MOVIES. Sean offers up his thoughts on the movie. Sean then gives his opinion on the new comedy Pineapple Express.

We now go from Tropic Thunder to Pineapple Express, what's next Pina Colada Hurricane?

Vaprak is the next to take on Pineapple Express
. Over at his site THE CRITICAL CRITICS, he states that the film has "memorable quotes to quote".

Here are some notable quotes from the film according to IMDb:

"#!@% Jeff Goldblum!"
"Angie, you're a #!@% idiot. I say that with love."
"Hey look, it's like my thumb is my #!@%."
"Here, supersize it, "#!@%."
"Best #!@% friends forever, man!"

To quote A Fish Called Wanda: "You're a true vulgarian, aren't you?"

Here are ten times when you do not want to quote Pineapple Express:

1. During a job interview
2. At the urinal in a public men's bathroom
3. While walking late into church service
4. At the end of a first date
5. During a hernia exam
6. In a packed funeral parlor
7. At your daughter's birthday party
8. In response to people who say "good morning"
9. In your final will and testament
10. During your Presidential Inauguration speech

Something else you want to avoid is taking advice from a Playboy Bunny - usually, women who pose nude are prone to poor decision making.

The comedy The House Bunny has a model belching out life lessons to a gaggle of misfits. For more on this flick click over to Missy's site OBSERVATIONS FROM MISSY'S WINDOW.

Since we're talking about potheads and bimbos, we may as well listen to what a thick-necked, beef block has to say.

Believe it or not, someone is quoting Conan the Barbarian. Brad has a quote, and some quick words on the upcoming remake of Conan over at his site FANTASY QUOTES.

Fantasy quotes? Here's my fantasy quote:

"We have decided to stop making movies and leave the industry" - Ben Stiller, Robert Rodriquez, Uwe Boll, Quintin Tarantino, Michael Moore, Morgan Spurlock, Adam Sandler, Kevin Smith, Eli Roth, Judd Apatow, The Wayan Brothers, Rob Schneider, Wes Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Robin Williams, The Wachowski Brothers and George Lucas.

Moving along, we're talking movies on the Internet so we gotta talk about The Dark Knight.

Darrell THE SOUTHER CONSERVATIVE has a post that compiles some views that discuss the philosophical subtext of The Dark Knight's version of The Joker. He also provides a review of the film Before Night Falls.

Next up, Trench discusses how The Dark Knight, while successful, is not going to over take Titanic as the biggest movie of all time. Trench follows his up with a look at the uncut version of Knocked Up over at 7 MILES DOWN.

The final Dark Knight post of the week comes from Hector Calles of ILLUSTRATED MOVIE REVIEW BLOG. That's right, Hector serves up an illustrated movie review for your reading pleasure.

Let's move on to some stuff that is unrelated to each other

At RIDING WITH RICKEY, you can get the lowdown on some of the movies that you may missed so far. He has quick reviews of Pineapple Express, X-Files: I Want to Believe and Step-Brothers.

Like Harry Potter? GrrlScientist has an online poll for all those Harry Potter movie posters -- choose your favorite! And you can only vote once, so choose carefully. To make your pick go over to her site LIVING THE SCIENTIFIC LIFE.

Our next item I don't have a proper transition to introduce is from Mike Blitz of KABOOM REVIEW. This week Mike lets you know what he thinks about the scrawny Angelia Jolie's latest cinematic effort Wanted.

When someone submits a post to the Carnival of Cinema, they're asked to fill out a small form giving their link and explaining the post. The only remark THE REVIEWER had for his review of Star Wars: The Clone Wars was "The Clone Wars sucked!"

Point taken.


Water is moist, the Sun is toasty and a movie related to George Lucas sucks.

Speaking of alien worlds, ever been to Ohio? And you thought the creatures in the Mos Eisley catnina were odd. On the site INTELLIGENT TRAVEL, John Ur continues his cinematic road trip series with a stop in the state where Traffic, American Splendor and A Christmas Story were filmed.

Want to know more about how Warner Bros. is helping out the continuing rebuilding of New Orleans by leveraging their film The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2? Head over to WOMAN TRIBUNE for the news.

We close this week by looking at how to open.

Ibetolis has an on-going feature, Now, That's How You Open a Movie that showcases great film introductions. To view the sixth in the series go over to FILM FOR THE SOUL.

…and CUT!…and PRINT!

Thanks to everyone for their submissions. Another great week of posts. Do you have an opinion or article about the film industry? Have you reviewed a film or DVD? Have any tips on breaking into the biz? Send submissions HERE for next week’s edition.

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