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Welcome to the Carnival of Cinema. Every week we present a collection of the best film-related posts submitted from around the world.

We start this edition with a simple question: Is it fair to review a film you're in?

William "Sandy" Smillie talks about The Dark Knight. He was one of the robbers in the film's opening scenes. He's the one who cracks the safe. For his views on the film head over to his site WILLIAM "SANDY" SMILLIE: CHICAGO ACTOR.

Next, let's take a look at others taking a look at others.

Gregory McNamee of BRITANNICA BLOG provides an interesting history of glorious Technicolor and its inventor Herbert Kalmus. Make sure to watch the video included with the article.

Jean Brunet interviews British director Paul Weiland who is responsible for Leonard Part 6, City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold, and the comedy Sixty-Six. He's also responsible for the Mr. Bean series as well. To get the interview head over to SIZZLING POPCORN.

Our second item that has nothing to do with the item that preceded it comes from Joe of INTERMISSION AT WORK. This week Joe gives us a glimpse at the special irritations working at a movie theater can hold, in particular when teenagers are involved.

There's something about the cinema that compels some people t
o make lists. This week we have two sets of lists for you to consider.

First, Darrell, THE SOUTHERN CONSERVATIVE lists - what else? - the top conservative films of the last ten years. Click over to his site and see if you concur.

Me thinks Fahrenheit 9/11, Short Bus and The Motorcycle Diaries probably didn't make Darrell's list.

Second with the list making is MANNY THE MOVIE GUY. Manny offers up a list of the top superhero movies and tosses in a bit about Pineapple Express for good measure.

Hey, Ibetolis apparently has too much time to kill. Over at FILM FOR THE SOUL you will find that he is trying to to educate himself about film by watching the 1,000 greatest films ever made. As part of this feat he reviews The Bridge on the River Kwai.

Not all of us have time to plan to see the top 1,000 films of all time. We all have time for unmitigated crap though.

Waterworld is the film d'jour over at CULT MOVIE NEWS. Ma
tt O'Conner who is apparently anti-matter to Ibetolis' matter, is posting on the bad movies he loves.

What's that smell?

It's nothing - Matt just broke out his DVDs again.

Speaking of bad movies, Showgirls may not be as dismal as yo
u've been led to believe. INVOLUNTARY FURY's Furious makes the case that the opening shot of this roundly maligned movie is a thing of beauty.

This week, if you head over to I DO THINGS SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO you'll see that JD sat through some movie trailers so you don't have to.

JD says of the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still, "Kean
u Reeves is Klaatu! It's the role he was born to play."

What? The role doesn't have any lines, cause for movement or emoting?

GrrlScientist is up next with the
first trailer upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. She also includes several interviews and Harry Potter film posters. Head on over to LIVING THE SCIENTIFIC LIFE and vote on your favorite poster.

Missy of OBSERVATIONS FROM MISSY'S WINDOW observes this week that the powers that be are yapping about making a Marvin the Martian movie. She wonders "how badly they'll mishandle this project."

Wha? Hollywood mishandle a beloved and well crafted character? C'mon! Fret not dear Missy.

Okay, let's crack open some reviews. As always, we have a cornucopia of criticism.

To start out the reviews, Joseph Ewens tackles the Pixar film WALL-E. To find out if its worth hype, go over to his site JOYOUS FILM REVIEW.

Remember that time Will Smith released Hancock and nobody went out and saw it? Well, that's not entirely true, I'm sure Smith's family and friends went as did Hector Calles. Hector reviews the film and hosts his own illustration prompted by the flick on his site ILLUSTRATED MOVIE REVIEW BLOG.

The big release last week was The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

It was also the biggest stink bomb last week.

On 7 MILES DOWN, Trench reviews the thing and gives it all the respect it deserves.

Defending the third Mummy movie, Sean Kelly from SEAN KELLY ON MOVIES pleads the case for the film. While you're on his site,also check out his review of the new Will Ferrell/John C. Reilly comedy Step Brothers.

We started things with a question about The Dark Knight and that's how things will come to an end.

John the ENTERTAINMENT BUFF asks will The Dark Knight have the stuff to unseat Titanic?

…and CUT!…and PRINT!

Thanks to everyone for their submissions and welcome to all of the new faces this week. To submit your own film-related post for next week's edition FOLLOW THIS LINK.

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