The Carnival of Cinema: Episode 85 - Journey to the Center of the Blog

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Now that everyone knows what's going on here, let's dive right in. Like everything even remotely connected to film, we are loaded down with Dark Knight stuff.

Getting us started talking about Chiroptera Guy is Paul McElligott. Seeing the film The Dark Knight has brought ol' Paul out of retirement. He writes a review on his site CELLULOID HEROES.

The Dark Knight The Joker movie imageNext, Alexius of MOVIE MANIA admits to having a little difficulty reviewing the film. Wanna know why? Head on over and find out for yourself.

Ashok tackles the philosophical points of Christopher Nolan's film. He says "The Joker gets everything right, even when he lies." Click on over to RETHINK to read his whole post.

Do you like movie reviews? Do you like cursing? BloggingFun has both for you this week over at MOVIES, WORK & RANDOM THOUGHT. Head on over to read a quick breakdown on the Batman flick.

If you can't just get enough of the man in the black rubber suit and his evil clown nemesis you want to check out MY TOP TEN's top ten list of The Joker's best lines.

OK, let's bring all of this about the a mopey superhero chasing after a nihilistic cackle to a close.

Last, but not least, is Scott Davis. Mr. Davis, in light of all of the Batman related marketing and hyperventilating bloggers, provides something a little different. He has a chronology of Batman in film on his site ZOMBIECHATTER.

On his site he also the latest news on Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards and Michael Bay's remake of Friday the 13th.

In addition to all of this he has a good discussion on the adaptation of Watchmen.

Batman Begins cast member Liam Neeson has a new film and we have a couple of reviews of it. Is Taken worth taking in?

Over at THE CRITICAL CRITICS, General Disdain offers up his opinion on the movie about a former spy who uses his professional skills to rescue his daughter.

The second post on this film comes from Alexius who also takes on Taken over at MOVIE MANIA.


MANNY THE MOVIE GUY drops in this week with interviews with the cast and director of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Manny backs all of this up with a review of the new movie.

The latest Mummy rehash isn't the only cinematic theme park ride starring Brendan Fraser. He also fronts the big McMovie Journey to the Center of the Earth.


Does this 3-D movie have a 2-D plot? Trench knows he's seen the thing. Click on the link over to his site 7 MILES DOWN and read what he has to say.

For the third time this week, Alexius shows up with a review of a new film. For more head over to MOVIE MANIA to read Alexius' opinion on the flick.

Keeping things focused on new releases, we now turn to SEAN KELLY ON MOVIES where Sean provides his thoughts on The X-Files: I Want to Believe.

I want to believe the film doesn't stink.

Let's step away from what's on the big screen this week and take a gander at some films from forty years ago.

The 1962 Alberto Lattuada film Mafioso is covered by Shlomi Ron over at CAFE PELLICOLA - WINDOW TO FINE ITALIAN CINEMA. He says the film is "one of those great films you come across and can't help tell everybody about it."

Guy Green's 1965 film A Patch of Blue is summarized on Yancey Grantham's site TOP BLUE BLOG.

Here's something about Missy - every once in a while she has the need to see people pummeling, bludgeoning or shooting each other. This revelation and more (including a trailer for RocknRolla) are available over at OBSERVATIONS FROM MISSY'S WINDOW.

Gerald Butler RocknRolla movie image
Liz N. thinks what this world need is more organ-centric musicals. What the heck is she talking about? Go over to KWANZOO and find out.

Like inspiration movies that inspire with their inspiring storylines? If so, Ralph Jean-Paul has the list you've been searching for. He has a list of the top ten most inspiring inspirational films. For the list, go to his site POTENTIAL 2 SUCCESS.

...and CUT and PRINT!

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