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Mixing Uwe Boll with cinema is like mixing flatulence with bullhorns. Boll's movies (Bloodrayne, In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, and House of the Dead) are abominations - each is nearly impossible to sit through (this coming from a guy who can stomach sitting through the Resident Evil series). Many curse the name of Uwe Boll. This is mostly because of the online population of video game fans (also known as "losers" to normal society). The fans (losers) are offended that their favorite games have been turned into cheap flicks that aren't worth the DVDs they're printed on. I guess the fans (losers) expect video game adaptations to be given the same weight as films based on the works of Jane Austin of Shakespeare. Regardless of the reasons, I do agree with the video games fans (losers) that Boll is a lousy filmmaker. Personally, I don't think he's much worse that many directors (Ben Stiller's constant assault on the world of comedy for example). This said, anytime an arrogant and inept director can be knocked down a peg, I'm game. Here's the deal:

During an interview with Boll was told of an online petition to demand he leave the world of filmmaking. At the time of the interview, the petition had over 18,000 names. In response Boll claimed that 18,000 wasn't enough to convince him to leave his chosen field. He did say however that 1,000,000 would be enough to get him to stop making movies.

The petition says:
"We, the undersigned, respectfully ask that Uwe Boll give proper weight to the wishes of the video game community, the horror community, and the film going community in general and stop directing, producing, or taking any part in the creation of feature films. His distasteful handling of the subject matter and lack of acknowledgement of his failures simply cannot be abided any longer.

Mr. Boll has repeatedly shown a complete lack of comprehension regarding the videogames he has dragged, kicking and screaming, to the silver screen and his ham-fisted approach to horror has soiled future possibilities for anyone else who may attempt to bring videogames to film."
Will the petition get to 1 million names? Would Boll quit even if it did? Who can tell, stranger things have happened. One thing I do know is that If it does get to a million, the petition will have more signatures than Boll has had viewers. C'mon, sign the petition. What was the Internet made for if not mildly cathartic and ultimately meaningless gestures?

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