Premonition (2007)

Reviewer: Scott Nehring

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Director: Mennan Yapo
Written by: Bill Kelly
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Julian McMahon and Peter Stormare

Rated PG-13 for mild violence language

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I'll be honest, I am probably the last person who should review this movie. Why? This was almost the last movie I ever watched. I watched this movie about a wife (Sandra Bullock) who kisses her husband (Julian McMahon) goodbye one morning only to have him die later that day. She then wakes up the following day and he is still alive. After that, she wakes up and her world has turned back to normal and he's still dead. You see, I watched this movie with my wife. The next morning she kissed me goodbye, and I'm the one who died. I went out that morning to take some change to the bank and then buy some donuts. I never got my donuts. I had a heart attack in front of the change machine and was spared by the grace of God. Now, from my wife's perspective, this particular movie, with its themes of death, cherishing life, and widowhood - well, it's easy to see how this movie has extra meaning for my family.

Looking critically at this film, I have to say it is a typical Sandra Bullock vehicle. Ever since she's established her post-Speed career, Bullock has clearly picked pieces that suit her personal tastes. From The Lake House, and Infamous, to Miss Congeniality, they all seem to have the same thread running through them. They're well-intentioned, but somewhat monotone works. Bullock has built a resume of films that are drab, forgettable efforts, this outing is no different. The basic premise of the piece is fine, and there are moments of reasonably good film making, but ultimately there was no reason this film had to be made. It is uninspiring (unless you just happen to die the next day) and since that is really the point here, the work winds up just sitting there doing nothing.

Julian McMahon (The Fantastic 4) provides his typical performance, his natural smarmy vibe works as it typically does, and he gets the audience to mistrust him as we typically do. His character never really develops, so his death, and his wife's mourning never have any sincere depth. This is likewise for the other characters and their development. No one rises beyond their initial introduction.

The piece's layered time line - or perceived time line if you will, with Bullock seeing her husband after his death, and then dealing with his loss in a world where he is still dead, is well managed and it maintains some sense. This is the film's best point, since it would be easy to lose track and fumble into a void of confusion. But this technical feat rings hollow when the movie fails to close with a meaningful ending.

Overall, this is a boring and unneeded film. When you're looking for something to watch, you should be able to find a movie more worthy of your time.

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