Is The Golden Compass a Concern for Christians?

On December 6th The Golden Compass, based on the first book of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, hits theaters. This has many Christians concerned. Why? The books begin innocently enough, but as the trilogy moves forward the story twists into a venomous attack on Christianity. Will the film follow suit?

As a Christian I loath attacks on the faith (at least unfounded ones). Usually these attacks, such as The Da Vinci Code tend to be tedious affairs but they still get a number of Christians all whipped up. As a general rule Christians react to potential attacks on the faith with a loud whining sound. Even when the perceived attack is actually not intended to be harmful (see the reactions to Evan Almighty) Christians can still become a gaggle huffy sourpusses.

There is a great article on The Golden Compass over at FamilyLife. They speak with Looking Closer Journal's Jeffrey Overstreet about the books and the film and they provide a reasonable approach for Christians.

View the trailer for The Golden Compass below
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